Blues Music, It's History, And Why It's Important

Published: 06th May 2011
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The history of blues music is certainly one that assists anyone in putting into perspective why this type of music became very popular. It also helps us respect what is it at the roots of such a powerful movement.

Blues music can certainly be tracked all the way back to the nineteenth centuries. The most early genre of actual blues tunes derives directly from the style referred to as the "country blues" going back to roughly the 1920's. Locating the original sources of blues music is one thing several historians have focused a lot of their time and dollars trying to uncover the origin of the source (some also visiting to places around west Africa so as to ascertain whether or not it was created via long-established African music). Although there actually does seem to be a number of parallels, blues music features a distinct and unique sound which originated with the African Americans inside the southern states.

The specific meaning of "blues" in the dictionary means "1. depression 2. melancholy kind of jazz". Musicians are used to associating the blues from the typical together with popular 12 bar blues. This type of chord progression employs three chords that can be played out inside any key. In addition to the powerful vocals which most commonly goes along with the chords, blues music conveys and also creates a exclusive feeling of emotions in most of its listeners and fans.

A number of renowned, early blues musicians which helped shape the particular blues music we know these days were Robert Johnson, Charlie Patton, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Huddie Leadbetter, Willie Brown, Son House and Tommy Johnson. A good number of blues artists were born within the Mississippi delta, with the exception of a few like Blind Lemon Jefferson (who was from Texas) and Huddie Leadbetter (who was from Louisiana).

The 2 main beginning kinds of blues music were 1. classic blues (composed of predominantly lady performers) along with 2. the country blues (composed of mostly man performers). Each kind of blues had distinct differences in style and tone. Classic blues singers had a reasonably stringent adherence to your twelve bar blues while the country blues performers varied a bit from the standard 12 bar blues form. Furthermore, classic blues singers desired to get a group to accompany with them whereas a country blues performer would typically prefer to have only their guitar as well as voice to produce music.

Where blues music actually began to take off ended up being during the 20's, when one particular organization took their audio revenue to some entirely new level. A woman vocalist by the name of Mamie Smith, part of the classic blues type, really helped to kick off the blues by selling greater than one million copies of her songs inside a year. Figuring that all of the records were below $ 1 (inexpensive by nowadays standard but in those days it was quite a lot for this sort of music) that would have added up to a lot of money for a new to the scene industry.

Blues music is a unique piece of our historical background that is exclusively American. Not many styles of music stir up deep emotion and move us the way that the blues does.

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